April 2023

Kapsch TrafficCom Summit

Text: Benjamin Berggold; Fotos: büro wien, STEINERLIVE Studio Wien, Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom Summit is a new annual event on the topic of mobility. We were commissioned with planning the concept and implementation of the first and second Summit and had the honor of launching a new event series together with Kapsch TrafficCom, dedicated this year to the topic of "Sustainable Mobility Management for a Digitalized Road".

We created together with our partner FLAVE an individual digital platform to host the Summit, based on the design by in the headroom that explores the "World of the Future". The platform was available in English and Spanish, and the entire event was broadcast in English and Spanish (via live interpretation) as well. In addition to interactive questions that were sent to the online attendants and a live chat during the main part of the event, attendants had the choice between deep-dive sessions on our digital platform. All accessible with no extra download or tool via the domain kapschsummit.net for registered guests.

The 2023 Summit took place in the STEINERLIVE Studio Vienna. In addition to a keynote speech by Philipp Rode on the topic "From urban transport to accessibility in cities", Georg Kapsch and moderator Gerd Gröbminger hosted to a panel discussion on the topic "Sustainable Mobility Management for a Digitalized Road - How to play an active part in the road transport revolution". After the main part, the audience had the choice between two deep dive sessions: "How to implement sustainable and innovative technologies for managing mobility?" & "How can road pricing address common challenges faced by cities?".

The 2022 Summit was moderated by Maggie Childs, who hosted the event together with Georg Kapsch. After Stefan Carsten’s engaging keynote speech on "The Future of Mobility – New Paradigms for Sustainability", Sophie Hackford and Christopher Tomlinson joined live via video call for a panel discussion. After the panel discussion, the attendants could choose between three deep-dive sessions on "Demand Management", "Traffic Management" and "Tolling", held by experts from Kapsch TrafficCom. We chose the Streaming Suite at the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna as the studio and used a 42-square-meter LED wall to create an immersive "world of the future" with our illustrations.

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