October 2017

Opening of Weltmuseum Wien

Text: Alexandra Hörtler; Fotos: Daniel Auer

Close to 7,500 people attended André Heller’s show at Heldenplatz to celebrate the opening of the Weltmuseum Wien together with artists from around the world. The transparent stage, paired with a custom lighting concept, blended in perfectly with the façade of the Weltmuseum and was the ideal platform for the almost 60 artists that joined the opening night celebration of the Weltmuseum for a two-hour show.

We handled the guest management, the travel logistics and, with support from Stefan Rabl (founder of Dschungel Wien), scouted the artists. One of the main challenges was the interaction of the artists. The goal was to unite musicians from all five continents in Vienna to form one community.  Some of them, such as the aborigines from Australia, had never left their home country before.

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