Sonja Dunkler

Office management

Core areas: Office management and agency sunshine


+43 664 855 96 12


With her many years of experience in office management and an on-going training in organisation and communications, Sonja manages an indispensable archive of all the information that we process and work with in the agency. Professional project teams require professional management in the background.

In your opinion, what are the challenges and characteristics of managing a creative team?

When it comes to supporting our creative teams, it is particularly important to react instantly to challenges in order to take decision immediately. The expertise I gained from working in this position for many years allows me to quickly offer solutions to the team.  This is how we manage to keep growing as a community.

How do you keep up with the broad range of tasks?

One of büro wien‘s major success strategies is that the processes in the background run seamlessly and remain flexible enough to allow us to react individually to the specific requirements of the different projects. The direct dialogue with all colleagues as well as providing optimised services to our clients and suppliers is very important to me to keep the dynamic processes running and avoid chaos in the team.

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