Since 2015

Wiener Forschungsfest

Text: Benjamin Berggold; Fotos: Matthias Brenner

The Vienna Business Agency gives Vienna universities, research institutions and companies the opportunity to present themselves at the Forschungsfest in front of a wider audience. And thus, to showcase what and how research is done in Vienna. The public event lasts an entire weekend and is accompanied by a several-week-long programme for pupils. büro wien supports the Vienna Business Agency, together with Stadt Wien Marketing GmbH, in implementing the project. We are responsible for curating the exhibition, communicating with the exhibitors and for creating the exhibition architecture. The branding and CI of the Vienna Forschungsfests were designed by the creative agency Seite Zwei.

In 2018 the Wiener Forschungsfest took place on the extraordinary grounds of the CREAU in Vienna’s second municipal district. A selection of research projects and innovations made in Vienna was presented. In the course of one weekend, 13,000+ research enthusiasts visited the more than 40 stations that covered six thematic clusters. The outdoor area offered room for even more stations and food stands.

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